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Body Mesotherapy

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a modern therapeutic method...

From: 160 BGN

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal or removal of unwanted hairs in recent years has become one of the most...

From: 30 BGN

Botulinum toxin for increased sweating

Botulinum toxin has been used for therapeutic purposes in medicine for decades. The injection...

From: 800 BGN

Laser removal of enlarged blood vessels

Enlarged capillaries and veins are one of most common problems of the human body. They have the...

From: 70 BGN

Accent Prime – innovative sculpting of the body

Fast weight loss with Accent Prime

Accent Prime® - a system for ultrasound and...

From: 100 BGN

Removal of stretch marks and scars

Pixel RF face

The technology of the Alma-Pixel RF® and Impact®...

From: 50 BGN

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