Filler injections

Correcting fine lines and wrinkles and superficial scars 350 lv.
Filling medium deep lines 450 lv.
Filling deep lines on the face 500 lv.
Forming facial volume – cheeks, chin, face contour 600 lv.
Enlarging lips and lip contour 0.55ml 
350 lv.
Enlarging lips and lip contour 1.00 ml
500 lv.
Enlarging lips and filling zones with Volbella
600 lv.
Filling lines and wrinkles with Volilift
600 lv.
Correcting facial zones and wrinkles with a collagen activator
Elanse S
600 lv.
Elanse M
700 lv.
Elanse L
800 lv.
Elanse E
900 lv.
Radiesse 0,8 ml
500 lv.
Radiesse 1,5 ml
700 lv.
Teosyal RHA 1
1 ml
450 lv.
Teosyal RHA 2
1 ml
550 lv.
Teosyal RHA 3
1 ml
600 lv.
Teosyal RHA 4
1 ml
650 lv.
Meso threads
30 lv./per thread

* the prices are for 1 ampule; for opening a second ampule it’s 20% off of the price of the second ampule.


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