Quick fat loss with Accent Prime

Accent Prime

Quick fat loss with Accent Prime

Accent Prime® is the newest system of Alma Lasers for shaping the contours of the body, which holds one of the top positions in the innovative systems in 2017.

Accent Prime® makes it possible to treat the face and body thanks to the combinations of two technologies – radio frequency waves and ultrasonic impulses.

Combining the technology Accent Prime® gives the opportunity to shape the body with ultrasound which dissolves the fat cells and the radio frequent waves firm the skin. As a result of these procedures it becomes possible to have a firmly shaped and better structured body.

Powerful radio frequency energy is applied to the face and tightens the skin while removing signs of aging, firms the face which makes the skin look younger. The innovative application of the ultrasound waves in the perimeters of the face gives the opportunity to reduce fat deposits in the chin, face contour, the cheekbones and the nasolabial folds.

Alma iPixel RF® is designed to treat scars, stretch marks, mimic wrinkles and aging skin.

Pixel RF® delivers unipolar fractional radio frequency by performing multiple micro channels on the surface of the skin. That way thanks to the micro-damages, tissue regeneration and visible rejuvenation of the skin are possible. The technology is designed for skin resurfacing of the face and body which guarantees visible rejuvenation of the skin and decreasing of fine lines.

Alma Impact® emits every few seconds positive and negative ultrasound waves with acoustic pressure. With this it allows the penetration of active substances in the deeper layers of the skin. Thanks to this technology it is possible for the deposition of various biologically active substances in the skin.

According to clinical studies, Impact®-technology enhances what is achieved with RF- therapy and deposits active substances deeper in the skin, which are specialized according to the individual’s needs. The combination of two technologies makes the procedure more successful in treating scars, stretch marks, visible signs of aging and hyperpigmenation.

Key indications for treatment with Accent Prime®

  • Shaping of the body
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin firming and reduction of saggy skin on the jaw
  • Firming and rejuvenation of the skin

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