Candela Gentle YAG Pro

Candela Gentle YAG Pro

Treatment of broken capillaries with laser

Candela Gentle YAG Pro, Nd:YAG laser with wavelength of 1064 nm and its main purpose is the therapy of broken capillaries and different benign vascular formations. After the introduction of the newer series, Candela revolutionized the therapy with Nd:YAG.

The company expands their horizon with safety, power and efficiency of this technology. With it over 60% of the laser therapies in everyday dermatology practice can be done.

The cooling technology of Gentle YAG Pro laser is one of the most innovative laser systems. The trademark Cooling Device (DCD) allows for the laser to penetrate the skin while cooling the upper layers. This provides more comfort for the patients as there is no sticky gel applied to their skin. To this moment this is the most advanced laser technology.

The American company Candela creates laser systems for over 40 years for medical and aesthetical purposes. They are extremely popular with dermatologists as well as the patients who undergo the procedures that achieve results and they experience no pain while performing the procedure.

Key indication for therapy with Gentle YAG Pro laser:

The American company Candela has been making laser systems for medicine and the aesthetic practice for more than 40 years. They are incredibly popular not only with dermatologists, but with users of laser services, because they can be depended on to achieve the desired results and the safety of the therapies.

терапия на разширени капиляри с лазер

The main indications for therapies with Gentle YAG Pro laser:

  • Laser treatment of capillaries from a different caliber both on the face and body
  • The removal of benign tumors in the vessels
  • Firming the skin with a laser
  • Carbon peeling for large pores and very greasy skin
  • Laser epilation
  • Laser therapy for nail fungus
  • Laser therapy for acne and rosacea
  • Laser therapy for common warts

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