Soprano Ice

Soprano Ice

Painless hair removal

It is the most modern technology for fast and effective laser hair removal without pain.

Painless removal of unwanted hair has become the most sought method in laser epilation amongst patients.

The most contemporary technologies for laser hair removal have become the foundation for creating the laser system Soprano ICE. Thanks to its two adapters with wave length 810-nm for the diode laser and 755nm for the alexandrite laser, treating different skin and hair types is possible.

Soprano ICE is the most innovative laser hair removal system with clinically proven results. Conducted research has proved the high efficiency of hair removal with the laser system Soprano ICE, thanks to the ability to combine the diode and alexandrite laser.

SHRTM and IN MOTIONTM technology

The laser system works by combining the standard impulses of the laser beam with the so-called SHRTM technology. It enables the gradual heating of the hair follicles until they get the desired amount of energy for their effective removal with the additional IN-MOTIONTM technology. The continuous movement of the adapter significantly reduces the pain from the procedure and the risk of burning the skin. These two technologies make the laser hair removal significantly faster while keeping it efficient. Additional cooling or applying analgesic cream is not needed.

ICETM technology

To increase the comfort during the procedures, Alma Lasers adds to Soprano ICE’s advantages the special patented technology ICETM, with which the skin is additionally cooled. This is achieved by building in a special sapphire crystal in the laser system’s adapter. That way the skin’s temperature is lowered during the process.

SPEEDTM innovation

The adapter nozzle for Soprano ICE’s diode laser hair removal has a large impulse spot size – 12x10mm, which additionally speeds up the treatment of the area. Speeding up the laser epilation is achieved thanks to the highest speed in the modern laser systems of impulse output – up to 20 Hz.

The combination of the technologies SHRTM, IN-MOTIONTM, SPEEDTM and ICETM makes laser hair removal with Soprano ICE the most effective, fast and painless epilation being offered at the moment.

The results achieved with Soprano ICE are far better compared to most lasers used up until now.

Laser epilation with Soprano Ice

Soprano ICE

The two most effective modern laser technologies for removing unwanted hair – diode and alexandrite laser in one system

  • EFFICIENCY proved with clinical observations
  • THE FASTEST even on bigger body areas
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BODY PARTS even the sensitive areas

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