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Mesotherapy for the face and neckline


Mesotherapy is a modern therapeutic method which is used in aesthetic medicine for improving the appearance and function of the skin and hair. By this technology in the superficial or deeper layers of the skin, medical and cosmetic substances are inserted, which affects different cell structures. This leads to overall freshening of the face, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking enlarged pores, reducing brown pigmentation.

The first attempts of using mesotherapy for therapeutic purposes date back to 1952, with Doctor Michel Pistor, when in the first decades the method has been used mainly in rheumatology and traumatology.

In recent years mesotherapy is used as one of the main approaches in aesthetic medicine – for skin rejuvenation, reducing cellulite and subcutaneous fat accumulation and thickening of the hair. This method continues to have a significant spot in complex ways of treating traumas, chronic joint and muscle damages and etc.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a method, by which through a series of microinjections in the superficial – medium deep – deep parts of the skin different cocktails from substances with proven biological active effect are injected. Applying the products into the superficial layers of the skin (in the derma) has the purpose of improving the regenerative processes of the cells and the skin’s microcirculation, activating the collagen production processes, blocking the pathologically activated way for forming pigments in the skin, etc.

What types of mesotherapy are there?

There are different types of mesotherapy. Most generally, the mesotherapeutic procedures differ by the desired result. The most commonly used are the rejuvenating ones – firming, hydrating, revitalizing, antioxidant mesotherapy. All of them are aimed at reducing visible aging scars in the skin. There are other therapies, for example brightening therapy, therapy for stretch marks and scars, etc.

мезотерапия на лице

In classic mesotherapy different cocktails are used with different substances – hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids. With them, an overall freshening of skin and reduction of the visible aging scars is achieved. Mesotherapy is often used as a standalone method against skin aging, but it is possible for it to be used in combination with other anti-age technologies – laser rejuvenation, IPL-therapy, chemical peeling, botulinum toxin, fillers, etc.

During most recent years, MESOLIFT became very popular. The product injected during mesolift mainly contains hyaluronic acid, but significantly more concentrated than the one in mesotherapy. With this method is achieved deep hydration, improvement of the skin turgor and a slight lifting of the facial contour. The procedure reduces visible wrinkles and fully revitalizes the skin. Mesolift is a wonderful solution for the already visible wrinkles on the skin of the neck, neckline and arms.

Like mesotherapy, mesolift is also used yearly, when the most important thing is to establish visible aging scars that can be corrected using this therapy.

What are the indications for using mesotherapy?

In the field of aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy is used for three main indications:

  • Reducing visible lines and wrinkles and the skin’s sagging as an aging scar
  • Reducing cellulite in different skin areas – abdomen, thighs, chin, etc.
  • Treating thinning of the hair in the area of the head or other zones with hair thinning

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy compared with other methods?

Mesotherapy is a method by which we are able to deliver substances with active effect on the skin level and the place we want to be reached in order to achieve a specific effect.

Active substances are injected directly into the area of the treated problem, which allows higher concentrations to be applied, while avoiding their systematic action.

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic method that can be done throughout the entire year.

As all methods, this one can also have some negative side effects. During mesotherapy, the patient has to go through multiple piercings, which is accompanied by some discomfort. It is possible to have hematomas at the places of the piercings, but they usually pass for a period of 2-10 days.

Are there any side effects from mesotherapy?

The main unwanted effect from the procedure is bruising at the places where the skin has been treated. They disappear in about a week, but it depends on the health of the patient’s blood vessels and the doctor’s skills. It is desirable that the patient doesn’t take Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory means in order to reduce the risk of bruising.

Other unwanted effects are redness and slight swelling of the treated area, itching, burning, a sense of bruising, which disappears in the span of a few hours to 4-5 days.

Are there limitations due to which the procedure cannot be done?

There are absolute and relative contra-indications for mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is not done when different viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases are found on or near the treated areas on the skin.

In different immune system and internal organs diseases, the risk of doing the procedure should be carefully assessed.

How many procedures need to be done for achieving good results?

The number of procedures is decided by the type of the treated problem and its heaviness. It could vary between 3-10 therapies in an interval of 1-2 weeks. One session takes about 20-30 minutes and no special preparation or recovery time is needed. Depending on the treated problem, 1 or 2 series of the procedure are done during the year, for which supporting therapies are done in 1, 2 or 3 months.


With mesolift 3 procedures are done every other month with a planned supportive procedure in 6 months.

What is the duration of the achieved result?

The duration of the effect depends on the patient’s lifestyle. A maximally good and long lasting effect is achieved by taking into consideration the procedures and the general lifestyle – keeping a healthy diet, active exercise and avoiding exposure to the sun rays.

Is the therapy painful?

The manipulation is a bit painful and many of the patients only feel some amount of discomfort. It should be taken into consideration that people have a different sensitivity threshold. With people who have more sensitive skin a cream for the pain is used on the treated area before the procedure. Its effect is felt after a period of 15-30 minutes, after which mesotherapy can be done significantly pain free during the injections.

See the prices for the different types of mesotherapy

Procedure price
Мезотерапия на околоочна зона RRS eyes HA
100 BGN
Меотерапия на околоочна зона Sunekos 200
350 BGN
Мезотерапия на околоочна зона Sunekos 200 - пакет от 3 процедури
750 BGN
Мезотерапия на околоочна зона Sunekos 200 - пакет 4 процедури
1 000 BGN
Мезотерапия на околоочна зона Sunekos 1200
450 BGN
Мезотерапия на лице GunaTissuе (колагенова мезотерапия)
100 BGN
Мезотерапия на лице с витамини и антиоксиданти
180 BGN
Хидратираща мезотерапия с хиалуронова киселина Saypha Rich
250 BGN
Хидратираща мезотерапия с хиалуронова киселина Saypha Rich - пакет от 3 процедури
600 BGN
Мезотерапия Teosyal Redensity 1 1 ml.
300 BGN
Мезотерапия Teosyal Redensity 1 1 ml. - пакет от 3 процедури
750 BGN
Мезотерапия Teosyal Redensity 1 3 ml.
600 BGN
Мезотерапия Teosyal Redensity 1 3 ml.- пакет от 3 процедури
1 500 BGN
Мезотерапия Belotero Hydro
330 BGN
Мезотерапия Belotero Hydro - пакет от три процедури
840 BGN
Мезотерапия Belotero Revive
350 BGN
Мезотерапия Belotero Revive - пакет от 3 процедури
900 BGN
Мезотерапия Belotero Soft - 1 ml
450 BGN
Мезотерапия Juvederm Hydrate
350 BGN
Мезотерапия Juvederm Hydrate - пакет от 3 процедури
900 BGN
Мезотерапия Juvederm Volite
600 BGN
Мезотерапия Juvederm Volite - пакет от 2 процедури
900 BGN
Мезотерапия Juvederm Volite - пакет от 3 процедури
1 200 BGN
Мезотерапия Profhilo
540 BGN
Мезотерапия Profhilo - пакет от 3 терапии
1 350 BGN
Skin Boosters за лице, шия и деколте Restylane Vital 1 ml
350 BGN
Skin Boosters за лице, шия и деколте Restylane Vital 1 ml - пакет от 3 процедури
840 BGN
Skin Booster Restylane Vital Light 1 ml
330 BGN
Mезотерапия Jalupro
300 BGN
Mезотерапия Jalupro - пакет от 3 терапии
650 BGN
Mезотерапия Jalupro - пакет от 4 терапии
900 BGN
Мезотерапия RRS на Tensor Lift - за зона
200 BGN
Мезотерапия RRS на Tensor Lift - за зона - пакет от 3 терапии
450 BGN
Prostrolane Inner B
350 BGN
Prostrolane Inner B Se
400 BGN
Revofil Aquashine
350 BGN
Revofil Aquashine - пакет от 3 терапии
900 BGN
Neauvia Hydro Delux
350 BGN
Neauvia Hydro Delux - пакет от 3 терапии
900 BGN
Neauvia Pb Serum Ha Low
720 BGN
Neauvia Pb Serum Ha Medium
820 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, зона очи
150 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, ПАКЕТ 3+1 зона очи
450 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, зона цяло лице
250 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, зона лицев контур
250 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, зона шия
250 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, зона деколте
250 BGN
Мезотерапия Idabae, ПАКЕТ 3+1
760 BGN
Мезотерапия при косопад
150 BGN

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