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Mesothreads for skin firming


Thread lifting – a firming and restorative procedure with mesothreads

Applying surgical mesothreads is a new trend in aesthetic medicine. They are used both for restoring the superficial changes in the skin that come with age, and for lifting the sagged tissues of the face, neck and other parts.

Nature of the procedure

Lifting with surgical mesothreads (Tight Thread Lift – TTL) is an innovative, non-surgical and safe method for reducing the loose skin of the face – removing visible superficial lines and wrinkles and superficial sagging, as well as visible loss of the skin’s turgor.

мезоконци за стягане на кожата

What threads are used in thread lifting?

Lifting is done with threads, made from polydioxanone (PDO polydioxanone). The threads made with this material are 100% biodegradable, which guarantees their full degrading in the tissues. Polydioxanone is a polymer that has been used for years for surgical sutures, including cardiac surgery.

What is the expected result from the procedure?

After their implantation, they produce new collagen, and they tighten the loose tissues and smooth the visible lines and wrinkles. This procedure is not a substitute for surgical lifting, but gives very good results on slight to medium loosening of the tissues when there are counter indications or no desire for surgical intervention.

How is the tightening of the skin done?

The duration of the procedure takes about 30-45 minutes on the face. The results are visible right after the threads are implanted (about 20-30% of the end result is visible on the 10th minute) and they are significantly improved during the next 2-3 weeks, but the maximal effect is seen in 3 months. The procedure is done under local anesthesia which achieved by applying cream about 30 minutes before the implantation of the threads.

Biodegrading of the threads happens between a period of 6-8 months, when they are fully absorbed. In this time the body has developed a matrix of collagen and elastic fibres around the threads (“a reaction against a foreign body”), and because of this the effect continues to be seen for twelve and sixteen months.

стягане на кожата

What are the effects right after the procedure?

There is slight irritation of the treated area. Because of the rich blood supply to the facial-maxillary area, bruising could form around the entrance points of the needles where the thread is inserted into the skin. The bruising passes in a few days. In these cases, right after implanting the threads, and throughout the next few days, a cream containing arnica could be applied, or different medications that reduce the chanced of forming hematomas. Infections of the places where the piercing has been done happen very rarely, and pass quickly. Rarely small superficial granulomas are formed, but they go away quickly with the help of anti-inflammatory creams.

Recommendations for the periods before and after the procedure

It is recommended to avoid taking aspirin and all other anticoagulants (Sintrom, Pllasix and others) or antiagregants, as well as avoiding alcohol for three days before and after the procedure. Patients should avoid active mimicking, energetic chewing and sharp opening of the mouth and other active movements in the lower part of the face for at least 24 hours after the procedure. During the first three days it is recommended to use two pillows while sleeping. During the recovery period of the tissues you can use your usual cosmetics (creams, masks, cleansing products), but they must be applied very carefully without harming the tissues. In the first days after the procedures strong pressure on the face should be avoided as well as make-up removal with harsh movements. It is recommended to avoid sports exercises in the period of seven days after the procedure.

Procedure price
Лифтинг конци Aptos Light Lift THREAD
900 BGN
Лифтинг конци Aptos Visage EXCELLENCE
1 300 BGN

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