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Plasmotherapy and hyaluronic acid


Cellular Matrix – a combined product, using autologous and rich in platelets plasma and hyaluronic acid.

The therapy with autologous, rich in platelets plasma and hyaluronic acid, combined in one product, is a procedure used for recovering and deep hydration of the skin of the face, neck, neckline and arms.

Autologous plasma, rich in platelets (A-PRP) is a natural product, received from the person’s own blood. It is made by a centrifuge, which singles out white and red blood cells. During this process, plasma is made (a pale yellow liquid component of the blood), enriched with platelets – the blood elements, taking part in the process of blood clotting. By injecting the plasma into the skin, substances that lead to the tissues’ regeneration are released.

After injecting the plasma into the skin, the platelets activate and release their growth factors. From them a simulation of the cell division of the fibroblasts is expected, and an activation of the synthesis of the components of the extracellular substance – an increased production of collagen and elastin starts, which are responsible for the thickness and elasticity of the skin. Besides these substances, under the influence of the growth factor, the process of producing new capillary vessels is increased, which leads to an increased blood flow to the treated area and a more effective flow of nutrients to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, which is the second component in the applied therapy, is also a natural hydrating and structural component of the skin. Its ability to hold water more than a thousand times its volume makes it an ideal substance for skin hydration and visibly increasing its volume.

The medical product Cellular Matric from class III makes it possible for the fast preparation for a safe application of a combination of hyaluronic acid and autologous, platelet rich plasma.

The expected results are seen during the first weeks after the first procedure. In order to achieve maximally good results from the therapy, it is recommended that a few procedures be done – between 3-5 every few months.

This guarantees a maximal effect and long lasting of the achieved results. The number and interval between the sessions depends on the individual’s skin characteristics and the structure of the face, the lifestyle and the combination of this therapy with other procedures.

плазмотерапия и хиалуронова киселинаThe procedure

The combined therapy with hyaluronic acid and A-PRP is done after taking blood from the patient. The procedure is analogous to the blood being taken for laboratory testing – 8-10 ml of blood is taken. Thus the blood is put into a centrifuge and conditioned for 5 minutes, during which the blood’s components are divided into red and white blood cells, which are not needed in the process of biorevitalization of the skin. After the centrifuge, the obtained A-PRP is mixed with the hyaluronic acid, which hasn’t been chemically modified and has been put into a test tube beforehand. Then the received combination of the hyaluronic acid and the A-PRP is ready to be injected into the skin.

The time in which the blood is conditioned is used to numb the skin. For this, numbing cream is applied on the skin. In case the product would be put only in the superficial layers of the skin through multiple punctiform piercings, the numbing would be enough to achieve maximal comfort and minimal pain during the procedure.

In treating superficial lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead and cheeks, the product is applied superficially by multiple injections by a short and very thin needle.

Possible complications

Because A-PRP consists only of components from one’s own blood, very few if any complications are expected. A-PRP is used in a number of clinical research for healing surgical and chronic wounds, without the appearance of serious side effects.

Due to the fact that the used hyaluronic acid is not chemically modified and produced by biofermentation (i.e. of non-animal origin) it is well accepted. This is why the therapy as a whole is distinguished with its low frequency of local or systematic side effects.

Despite the above put facts, local reactions to injecting the product into the skin are possible. The most common negative reactions are redness and swelling of the injected places.

In people with heightened sensitivity slight and temporary pain in the treated areas could be observed red and with broken capillaries, a longer lasting redness could occur, as well as bruising and slight swelling of the injected place. These local and short-term reactions are clinically controlled and do not lead to long-term complaints.

During the procedure, local anesthetic can be used, which in very rare cases could cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people. It is important to inform your doctor for every allergic reaction you have ever had.

Counter indications

Applying a combination of A-PRP and hyaluronic acid for skin regeneration is strongly counter indicated in patients who are currently suffering from or have suffered from skin cancer with localization in the area that would be treated or in the cases of malignant blood or lymph tissue diseases.

The use of the combination of A-PRP and hyaluronic acid should be strictly calculated with every inflammatory or proliferative skin disease.

The presence of acute and/or systematic infection is a counter indication for procedures based on the combination of A-PRP and hyaluronic acid.

As in all procedures that use transdermal injections, parallel treatment with anticoagulants is counter-indicated.

Inform your doctor if you are suffering from a blood or autoimmune disease, as this could present a risk to your health.

Inform your doctor if you are taking medications which could change the function of the platelets or affect the skin and inform them for any previous aesthetic procedures that have been done on you.

Procedure price
Хиалуронов плазмолифт
700 BGN

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