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Tightening of the skin with RADIESSE


RADIESSE® - an effective product for collagen stimulation

Radiesse® is a filler, one of the so-called collagen stimulators. They are filling substances which on one hand fill the missing facial volume and thus giving it a younger appearance, and on the other they lead to activation of connective tissue formation in the deeper parts of the skin.

The main substance in Radiesse® is calcium hydroxiapatite in the form of micro spheres. This substance is natural for the organism, which makes it fully biocompatible after application and the absence of allergic reactions after it being injected. The other main substance of the filler is a gel and it defines the volume effect of the product during the first 3-4 months after the injection.

The duration of Radiesse® is 18-24 months, although in medical literature there is data for having a longer effect. After injecting the filler, the treated area is visibly changed, because of the gel, which corrects facial structures. During the first few months the gel is slowly resorbed. During this period the calcium micro spheres, which are one of the filler’s main active ingredients and they activate the production of new collagen. Thus the newly formed collagen net is in the basis of the continuous effect after injecting Radiesse®.

Firming of the skin

Radiesse® is applied in the following cases:

  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Correcting sinking of the temples
  • Shaping cheek-bones
  • Correction of the nose
  • Lifting and filling the chin
  • Firming the sagged jawline
  • Increasing the meaty part of the ears
  • Arm rejuvenation
  • Filling nasolabial lines
  • Filling in marionette lines

The three main advantages of Radiesse® are:

  • Filling in the lost volume – effective increase of the volume of the treated area with an immediate correction
  • Long lasting results, due to stimulation of the collagen production in the skin
  • High efficiency thanks to the significant volume addition

Radiesse® is a universal, multifunctional filler for correcting the lines and wrinkles and correcting the volume and contour deficit.

Radiesse® is a filler, which immediately restores the lost facial volume and in time stimulates the production of natural collagen.

In clinical research, the direct comparison of Radiesse® with the leading fillers with hyaluronic acid, it is proven to be more effective in the treatment of wrinkles and is two or three times more wanted by the patients, and it gives them better satisfaction.

Procedure price
Коригиране на лицеви зони и бръчки с Radiesse 1,5 ml
900 BGN

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