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4D Laser rejuvenation


Laser rejuvenation or inoperative lifting of the skin is becoming one of the most desired methods of laser therapy. Its aim is to achieve a lifting of the already sagged tissues and to restore the sagged contour of the face without it being connected to a long recovery period for the skin.

3D and 4D laser rejuvenation is an innovation of the company for laser technology FOTONA, and a new procedure suitable both for women and men with a beginning to a medium stage of sagging of the skin and visible aging scars – fine lines and wrinkles and progressive sagging.

The procedure is very effective for the middle and lower part of the skin, which sags during the skin’s aging processes.

In achieving the full course of the therapy, the procedure leads to maximum regeneration of its own collagen and elastin, which leads to a firmer and visibly more elastic skin surface. With that a freshening and rejuvenation of the outer layers of the skin are observed.

What is the procedure?

4D lifting is a complex laser procedure, during which four reciprocal complementary stages are combined, which use two different types of lasers – Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. By their consecutive application, a visible firming of the skin is achieved, a reduction of the visible lines and wrinkles and lifting the saggy contour of the face.

The first step in 4D lifting is a unique patented procedure Smooth-lifting. With it the entire internal surface of the cheeks is being worked continuously with an Er:YAG laser to achieve tightening, making the skin’s volume better and restoring the collagen that has been lost. It leads to reducing the depth of the nasolabial lines, marionette lines and restores the cheeks’ volume.

The second step uses a fractional non-ablative Nd:YAG laser with a special technology FRAC3. By it a regeneration of the skin is achieved, as micro traumas in the epidermis and the derma a stimulation of the production of collaged is achieved. In this process the wholeness of the superficial parts of the skin is not broken, but by the procedure there is an effect on the superficial changes – visible lines and wrinkles, dark spots and small dilated capillaries.

лазерно подмладяване

The third step also uses the Nd:YAG laser by its patented technology PIANO. With it a controlled deep heating of the skin to 42 C is achieved, for a definite amount of time. This way a tightening of the skin is achieved, by activating the production of new collagen and making the elastin net of the skin better.

The last stage of the procedure is applied on the most superficial layer of the skin with the Er:YAG laser using the technology Superficial. With it, by a superficial laser peeling a smoothing and freshening of the skin and a reduction of the pigment spots and a visible reduction of the skin’s unevenness is achieved.

лифтинг процедура

How is the procedure done?

The 4D lifting procedure is a noninvasive method that doesn’t require hurting the skin’s surface, there is no bleeding, bruising or scarring. After the procedure there could be slight redness of the skin, which goes away in 2-3 days. During the procedure it’s possible that you feel a gradual heating and burning on the skin, but overall it’s not painful. If needed, you could apply make-up right after the end of the procedure. The procedure does not require painkillers. You could go to work or plan a date right after it.

It is a good idea to plan the procedures at least two weeks before being exposed to sun, so that hyperpigmentation can be avoided. After the procedure, sunscreen should be applied and a product for the skin’s recovery.

How many procedures are needed for achieving optimal results?

In order to achieve optimal results you need to go through three therapy sessions, which are four weeks apart from each other. Most patients inform of them having good results right after the first procedure. A noticeable effect would be seen from the rejuvenating procedure right after the first session – people will notice the freshened and rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

The expected period for the effect to last is 12-18 months. It also depends on the person’s lifestyle, using sunscreen and the suitable cosmetic products. This is why a supporting procedure is planned every 12-18 months.

It is normal for the 4D procedure to last 40-60 minutes for the entire face and 90 minutes for the face and neckline.

Procedure price
4D Лазерно подмладяване
700 BGN

Working Hours

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