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Laser removal of capillaries on the face


Broken capillaries are one of the most common aesthetic issues on the cheeks and nose. They could provoke physiological discomfort, as well as significant complaints. These changes are mainly connected to cosmetic discomfort – the appearance of visible unattractive dilated vessels. Gradually to these appearance problems outbursts of redness and burning occur.

Dealing with this medical problem needs another assessment of the cosmetic issue and finding the best method for tackling it.

Tackling the problem of broken capillaries on the face requires, in addition to removing the visible expanded capillaries, to constantly use sunscreen and appropriate cosmetics.

Methods for dealing with the problem:

The needs to remove the broken capillaries on the face in recent years made, dermatologists take up the application of various treatment methods from the use of agents with vasoconstrictor effect, the application of suitable cosmetics, to the treatment of enlarged vessels through different types of lasers.

Over the last few decades, the use of various laser systems has entered the therapy of treating broken skin capillaries. This significantly changed the treatment options, making the procedures applicable in outpatient settings and reduced recovery time.

Laser treatment of broken capillaries on the face

Among the first lasers used to remove expanded capillaries are CO2 laser, argon, and some other that are no longer used to treat such issues. Lasers used in the dermatological practice of removing enlarged vessels in recent years are green KTP (532 nm wavelength), Pulsed dye laser (585-605 nm), alexandrite (755 nm), diode (800-940 nm), Nd: YAG (1064 nm) lasers as well as IPL (515-1200 nm).

Лазерно премахване на капиляри от лицето

Regardless of the rich arsenal of laser systems, it is important to note that not all enlarged vessels that are visible through the skin are suitable for laser treatment. It is extremely important, in choosing the appropriate laser system, to also choose the right vessels to treat. It is important for the patient to know that not all surface skin can be treated with the same laser, and not all types of enlarged capillaries can achieve the best possible results. Suitable for treatment are the superficial and deeper located capillaries of small to medium caliber.

Laser removal of capillaries from the face:

In developing a program for coping with broken capillaries it is important to prioritize a program that determines both the need for additional measures to improve the condition of the vessels and determines the number of procedures necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic result. In most people, a laser achieves an effect after 3 or more procedures.

Due to the insufficient effect of the self-applied laser procedure, it is often necessary to use laser technology alongside other methods. It is in the hands of the experienced dermatologist to choose the most suitable laser and the most appropriate combination of healing approaches to maximize the effect.

Laser treatment of capillaries on the face:


лечение с лазер на капиляри по лицето   лечение с лазер на капиляри по лицето

It is important to know that in most cases the procedure itself is associated with some soreness and sometimes requires the use of local pain relievers. Pain most often comes from the warming of the surface of the skin caused by the laser beam. In order to reduce these complaints, the lasers are equipped with cooling systems to reduce the risk of burning the skin surface. During the procedure, the skin is cooled, which reduces the surface temperature and the risk of burns on the one hand, and on the other hand the pain is reduced. Immediately after the procedure, the patient may experience slight soreness or tingling, the pain is not so intense as to require the use of painkillers. In addition to the pain, it is possible after the procedure to have redness which in most cases fades up to 24 hours.

Another important protection in the procedures is eye protection. During the procedure, the eyes should be protected by special glasses, which prevent the laser beam from accidentally coming in contact with the eye, which can cause irreversible damage.

Complications associated with laser procedures can be both the immediate ones and the ones that occur in the course of manipulation. One of the possible late ones is the appearance of light or dark spots in the treated area. In order to prevent this, after the procedure itself, sunscreen is applied to the treated area. Its use should be made not only in the days immediately after the manipulation but also in the next few weeks. Patients should also avoid sun exposure. Another rarely observed change is the appearance of bubbles or wounds within a week after manipulation. They are associated with the use of higher energy and require treatment.

Procedure price
Премахване на единична лезия до 10 импулса
50 BGN
Премахване на единични съдове до 100 импулса
100 BGN
Премахване на множествени съдове до 200 импулса
160 BGN
Премахване на множествени съдове до 400 импулса
220 BGN
Премахване на множествени съдове до 600 импулса
400 BGN
Премахване на съдове по носа
80 BGN

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