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Photorejuvenation is one of the most common therapies and it has been used the longest in the aesthetic practice. The procedure uses the biological effect of light to achieve a visible rejuvenation of the skin.

What is photorejuvenation?

During the last two decades photorejuvenation has imposed itself as an irreplaceable procedure for reducing visible lines and wrinkles, shrinking enlarged pores, reducing dilated capillaries and diffusive redness of the skin and removing dark spots from the skin. The wide specter of indications for its use makes it suitable both for relatively young people and for people at a more mature age.

фотоподмладяванеPhotorejuvenating – what type of light is used in photorejuvenation?

For the procedure, the so-called intensive pulsed light is used, also known as IPL. It is a shaft of rays with the wavelength in the specter of 530-560 nm to 1200 nm. The wide specter of indications applied in the therapy gives the possibility for applying the procedure for multiple various indications and that way to tackle the different problems of skin imperfections.

What is the mechanism of the effect of IPL on the skin?

The effect of IPL is based on the principle of “selective photothermolysis”, by which the light emanated from the appliance is absorbed from the skin’s specific structures, called chromophores. In photorejuvenation, these are the hemoglobin in the blood vessels and melanin in the superficial layers of the skin and hairs. The absorbed light is transformed into heat and what follows is a selective destruction of the targeted structures as pigment spots, dilated capillaries, hairs and others. In addition to these effects, part of the rays that reach the superficial and deeper structures in the derma stimulate fibroblasts to produce more new and healthy collagen. This way with one procedure a few aesthetic issues are affected at the same time.

What are the main issues, which should be subjected to IPL therapy?

There are many and different indications for therapy with intensive pulsed light.

Most generally they could be divided into three main groups:

  • Therapy for vessel changes on the skin
  • Reducing the visibility of the dilated capillaries on the skin of the face, neck, arms and neckline
  • Reducing the diffusive redness of the face
  • Improving the condition with telangiectatic form of rosacea (beginning stages)
  • Reducing the degree of appearance in congenital vessel spots on the skin

Therapy for pigment spots and diffusive hyperpigmentation on the skin

  • Therapy for melisma
  • Reducing and removing freckles, lentigo and other hyperpigmentation formations, caused by different substances on the skin

Therapy for differences in the structure of the skin:

  • Reducing visible lines and wrinkles on the skin
  • Improving the tightness and volume of the skin
  • Reducing visible pores

How many procedures are required to achieve results?

Every IPL procedure leads to a visible result, but to achieve maximum visible and continuous results it is recommended that 3 consecutive procedures be done in 20-30 days.

IPL фото терапия

Possibilities and limitations with photorejuvenation

IPL therapy is noninvasive and a relatively light procedure, which lets the person go back to their usual lifestyle right after it ends, practically with no recovery period. The procedure is fast, painless, accompanied only by slight discomfort. After the procedure the skin is a little red, like it would be after light physical exercise, and this effect can be hidden with make-up until it disappears entirely.

The limitations for doing the photorejuvenation are connected mostly to the season and the necessity of refraining from sun exposure after it. Summer is the only season then it’s preferred to refrain from the therapy.

It is not advisable to use the IPL therapy on moles, as it could lead to cell changes in them, which could become the basis of activating a cancerogenesis process.

Are there any counter-indications for the IPL therapy?

Photorejuvenation is a procedure with a relatively small in number counter-indications. It is advised not to go through the therapy during the summer or if you plan on exposing yourself to the sun rays.

The procedure is counter-indicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as hormonal problems which heighten the skin’s sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays.

It is recommended to not do the procedure if you are taking medications, which make the skin more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

IPL therapy is not done if there are infectious problems in the area where the skin would be treated. Most often it could be labial herpes or bacterial contamination of the skin. It is necessary to wait until the infection has disappeared in order to go through with the procedure.

Epilepsy could be considered as a counter-indication for this therapy, as well as other illnesses that lead to seizures. They could be provoked by the bright light during the procedure. Having such an illness and the risk of activating it should be discussed with the patient and a consultation with a neurologist should be made.

Procedure price
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване) - Цяло лице
300 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване) - Цяло лице и шия
450 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване) - шия
250 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване)- деколте
250 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване) - Ръце до китки
250 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване) – лице, шия, деколте
500 BGN
Лазерно подмладяване с IPL (Фотопомладяване)- шия и деколте
350 BGN

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